Dark Days and Nights

During my darkest days it was hard to believe the sun would ever shine again.

The other day I saw the neatest thing, clouds were creeping down the mountains, and it was happening ever so slowly. While it looked eery, I was more intrigued by the sight of it. It brought to my mind  how dark clouds in life sometimes sneak up on us. While we may KNOW that hard times may soon befall us; other times difficulties arise like a smack in the face. I have experienced both types, and sometimes both types at the same time!

I had some very dark and dreary days about 4 years ago. It often felt like the storm clouds would never part. I found it hard to believe anyone who told me things would get better, it felt like the sun would never shine my life again. It seemed like one thing after another just kept beating me down. I was sure I couldn’t handle anything else, and then sure enough something else would happen. I imagine it’s how one would feel if they were drowning in the ocean.

Thankfully that was not the case, life did get progressively better. Now that I am finally on the other side of that storm I see the sun shining and it feels so good. I truly appreciate the beautiful days because I have been through some of the worst times imaginable. If any of you are experiencing storms in your life, believe things will get better. Keep pushing on, and do what you can and trust God with the rest. Even when it seems the storms won’t ever part, just know someday soon the sun will shine again.


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