Life’s Mountains

Mountains have always captivated me. They are so tall, strong, and immovable. Recently my oldest sons were able to hike up a mountain (I am currently too pregnant to undertake such and endeavor). The boys were convinced it would be SO easy, they thought they could run right up that mountain to their desired destination. How wrong they were! As they began their journey they took off running, but quickly lost momentum. These boys didn’t even get a quarter of the way through their hike before they realized they were going to have to walk the rest of the way.

This got me thinking of ourselves and life. How often do we start something and go full speed ahead, only to lose momentum part way through the journey? I know I am guilty of this very thing in my life time and time again, especially when I am faced with a challenge–a mountain to climb if you will; I want to just get through it quickly. So I take off running and then lose all my energy as I realize the journey is going to be more tedious than I expected.

I’ve had to change my way of thinking so I don’t get too tired too quickly in my journey through trials and difficulties. When faced with a challenge I’m trying harder to find the silver lining and to have more patience with the journey. An amazing thing can happen when we slow down and try to find joy in our journey, even during the difficult times We might notice beauty around us that we wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. Just as my boys noticed, when they slowed down, so much beauty around them. As we take the time to slow down, we too can recognize more of the beauty that surrounds us. Even during the most difficult of life’s journey’s.


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