For the Love of Music

Music invokes many emotions, and I love it. I love this time of year and having Christmas music on all the time. I love the feelings of joy and happiness through such fun and spiritually uplifting music. Music is a great way to let feelings out and feel like someone at sometime knew how you felt and wrote it down.

I could talk about my top 50 or so songs, the ones that have meaning for me personally… who wants to read about that though?! I will share a couple of my favorite songs for this time of year.

O Holy Night by Gentri, and if this song doesn’t give you major feels then I don’t know what will. The video goes along so perfectly with this wonderful time of year.

Hallelujah by Pentatonix is beautifully done, and a wonderful song.

Mistletoe and Holly by Frank Sinatra because it reminds me of my grandpa. He use to always say “By golly” in the cutest way, something that has stuck with me all these years.

Silent Night by Michael Buble, he has a great voice and this song just fills me with warm feelings.

I wold love to hear some of your favorite songs and why they are favorites. This is the season of sharing after all!




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