Learning to Breath Again

My life has been one  of many struggles and hardships, which has led me to always be on high alert for the next “big thing” that is going to come and knock me down again. It is an unfortunate way to live life, and one in which I have tried to overcome for a long time. It’s not easy to do though when things keep happening in our lives.

A couple years ago I sat down and met with my church leader about some struggles I was going through with my ex. I told him how hard it was for me to enjoy good times or days in life because I was always waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak. He warned me that I needed to take care to not become cynical with that kind of attitude. This suggestion took me back a bit, I had never thought of myself as becoming cynical. When your life seems to be one trial after another it is hard to not be expecting the next hardship that is sure to come!

How do we do it then? How do we keep ourselves from just anticipating the next bad thing to happen and instead enjoy the good days when they are present? I haven’t found the magic answer as of yet, but I am open to any ideas and suggestions! I do, however, try really hard to appreciate the good days when they come around. I also try to remember that I have survived a lot of bad days already, so I have a wonderful track record of getting through them . Therefore the hard days that may be ahead …well there is a good chance I can get through them as well. On the days when I haven’t felt like I was going to get through them I know I have been carried by a Higher Power, and that gives me great comfort as well.


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