Thoughts on Praise


When I hear the word praise I think of a few different things, with the first being the praise I feel for a loving Father in Heaven. I think of His infinite love for me and my family, and all the ways He has helped me to be where I am. I think of how far I have come from the childhood I had, and it is because my Heavenly Father thought I was worth saving. I cannot praise Him enough, but I will try each and every single day. I am especially grateful for His wisdom and guidance to help me along this path when I feel inadequate to handle the day to day stressors that sometimes present themselves in this life. It is also through Him that I know what true unconditional love is, and that is a blessing.

When I hear the word praise I also think of the praise I should offer to others more freely in my life. I should be much more generous in praising those I love and care about so they too know how much they mean to me. My husband and children to start with, and then others as well. I think this world could use more kind words and praise towards one another to help squelter the negativity that seems to surround us. How much of a change could occur in our society if we offered praise to one another more freely?

Lastly, I think of the praise that I should give myself from time to time. Not in a boasting or proud way, but in a way that would help me build my self esteem somewhat. It seems that too many of us tear ourselves down for being human.When in reality, if we are trying and doing the best we can, we are truly what we need to be doing. Perhaps if we offered ourselves a little more credit and understanding it would go along way for us to have those same feelings towards others as well. Those feelings tend to start from within ourselves, not the other way around.

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