Learning to Swim

Learning to swim… For me it was literal at one point in time. I learned how to swim in a very harsh way. I was literally thrown into the deep end of the pool. My moms boyfriend at the time was showing off and thought it would be funny to throw the 5 year old girl (me) in the deep end. I think, maybe, he thought I might be able to swim better than I was capable, or maybe he was a jerk (she wasn’t with him for long so that seems like a likely reason).

I remember the day clearly… I was happy at the pool. I was hanging out with the friends, and I was enjoying a nice sunny day. As I was walking around the pool this yahoo (the boyfriend) came up from behind me and just threw me in the deep end of the pool. I was so scared because I couldn’t touch the bottom, and I didn’t have time to hold my nose (that sacred me because my nose burned from the chlorine). I didn’t know how I was going to get back to the top of the water, and then I started to panic.

Somehow I made it above the water, I didn’t know what I was doing or how I managed. I know now I was being watched over by a loving Heavenly Father. I believe without a shadow of a doubt He helped me in a very bad situation. On the outside of the pool my mom was getting ready to jump in and save me, but she didn’t have to because I was being helped from a higher power.

This has been a common theme throughout my life. I have frequently been “thrown into the deep” end due to others misdeeds. While it is exhausting, and I hate it, my loving Father in Heaven has always been there to help me get back to the surface. Learning to trust Him, and realize I don’t have to always rely on my own strengths is a huge relief for me. I know He can do more than I ever could, and I know He will help me when I feel like I’m drowning.


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