Life’ s Little Moments

My grandparents are some of the most amazing people I have ever known. My goal is to be a culmination of all four of their most positive traits. I truly just want them to be proud of me. My mother’s parents died when I was about 10, I wish I would have known them better.My father’s parents are still alive, but my grandfather is dying slowly from Alzheimer’s disease. My paternal grandmother is still very much alive and feisty, we are still very close to this day. We have many long and thoughtful chats.

Some of my most cherished memories of my childhood are from when I would visit my grandparents. They would have me up for a week or two at a time. My grandfather and I would wake up early and go get donuts from this wonderful shop. My grandma made this coffee cake that is divine (I still request it every year for my birthday). We would go for walks along the beach at Lake Michigan, and bike rides in their neighborhood.

Spending time with them made me feel normal, and grounded. I always dreaded going home to my moms house. I will forever be grateful for the time I had with my grandparents, and for the reprieve I was able to enjoy from my depressing reality.

Even though my grandfather isn’t himself, I will cherish my memories with him forever. I think this is why so many people tout the sentiment that making memories is more important than making money. Those memories stick around a lot longer than any amount of money. Life goes on, and the memories remain.


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