Life’s Little Disappointments

The many disappointments in life. I know I have had my fair share in this life. Some happen due to the agency of others, while other times it is due to our own choices (I hate those times so much-why can’t I just be perfect?!) Other times disappointments come about because of things entirely outside of our control. That’s my focus today.

Let me tell you a story that is just oh so common in my life. the theme, place, and time may change, but the story is the same a lot of the time. I love the Fourth of July! I love this country and the freedoms we enjoy. I am proud to be an American. I also love the on the 4th we as a people are celebrating our great nations birth!

My ideal 4th of July consists of cooking out, fireworks, and time with family and friends. As I have mentioned before-life doesn’t always measure up with MY ideals. This particular 4th I am referring to was just one disappointment after another. Plans with family fell through on all fronts. The weather wasn’t cooperating, it was rainy and cloudy most of the day. My oldest son was in his “I don’t want to be around my lame family” mood. Our van had its mirror busted out. It was all around a rotten day, and certainly not ideal! So I cried… A lot! I didn’t want to deal with a crummy day, I was basically having a temper tantrum similar to a 2 year-old inside.


My husband did so much to make the day better. The kids tried too, which was so sweet of them. In the end though it was on me to decide how to change my frame of thinking. It took a lot of tough love from myself, and a lot of self talk, to make me realize I didn’t need to make things worse with my bad attitude. I’m almost positive that I’ll fail at moments like these again, but I’ll keep trying to do better. I think that’s just a part of life, but it goes on-upward and onward!





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