Life’s Lessons

Growing up I lived in a tumultuous home environment, so when I moved out I tried to avoid contention at all costs. Then I started trying to be a people pleaser because I desperately wanted others to like me. As you can assume it ended up with just me being walked all over. I started to become resentful of this, as you can imagine, after this happening for more than a few years. Then a moment came that I treasure because it taught me something about myself, it was the moment I learned I can stand up for myself.

A lady I had been serving with in my church was walking all over me and not allowing me to do the things I was delegated to do. She felt I was too young, and not able to handle the job I was given. One day I had had enough, so I called this lady and gave her a piece of my mind. I stood up for myself, and I let her know I was taking charge of my responsibilities. Now being somewhat young I now realize I could have handled the situation with a little more tact. I don’t regret standing up for myself because I learned that doing so was up to me. I learned that standing up for myself is necessary at times, in the right way of course. I feel in a way that doing so goes along with having self respect for ourselves enough to help others, but leaving enough to care for ourselves as well. Balance in all things!


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