The First but Not The Last…

It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last that I felt totally out numbered in my house. The number of males in my house is always at a much greater amount compared to the females. I have 5 boys, and a husband… Now growing up I lived mostly as an only child with my mom. I have an older brother that didn’t live with us. I have a younger brother that lived with my dad and stepmom. then I was blessed with 5 boys before having a little girl!

The testosterone levels in my house can be staggering at times. I am reminded almost daily that I still don’t understand boys fully. I remember the first scuffle, the one first but not the last. I was even able to get a picture of it because it was a cute kind of funny. My oldest son was about 5, the second oldest was about 3 and the third oldest was about 18 months old at them time. My first born had just gotten brand new, light up shoes. Of course his little brother (the 3 year old) thought they were the bees knees, and he wanted to try them on. My oldest did the natural thing that a child his age would do and he threw a fit about his new shoes being on the wrong feet; he then took the shoes back. My second son cried of course, distraught at being treated in such an awful way. The picture I was able to capture of this shows a very angry 5 year-old, a crying 3 year-old, and a baby in the background completely oblivious to the chaos. The memory still makes me chuckle. The boys love hearing the story, and they laugh about it now.

The disagreements are about more “important” things now-such as clothes, and electronics these days. I still don’t understand those arguments and some of my boys are as tall as I am. Even though I am still severely outnumbered with all these boys, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I am grateful I have the opportunity to raise these boys into fine young men. I’m also thankful for all they have taught me, and the love they give me in their rough and tumble way.



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