A Little Bit of Normal

Normal, what does that even mean? It seems that so many of us are trying to attain this level of normalcy in one way or another. So what defines normal? I just have no idea! In my world I secretly admire those individuals that are completely and totally themselves. For me I lack the self-confidence to be me with no reserves.So why the hold up? What are these reservations about?

I  can only speak from my point of view of course. I suffer from some deep seated insecurities, and I  fear rejection. There it is – all on the line! Why is this you may ask… Well I’m sure it goes back to my childhood and all that. When I was a kid normal was a mom and dad happily married, raising their kids together, and going on vacations during the summer break. Just rainbows and sunshine everyday for all those “normal” people. I know now this isn’t reality for most people.

I am hoping that as I get older these feelings will resolve themselves. I remind myself frequently that it really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. I think the truly important thing is how do we measure up to Heavenly Father. I have been trying to align my thinking to how am I doing as a daughter of God. When we change our line of thinking to this I think we can attain a normalcy that will suit us just perfectly.

In the end I think that normal is just different for each of us. Finding what that is, and being comfortable with ourselves, is a wonderful place to be. What’s your normal?


One thought on “A Little Bit of Normal

  1. TinzRant says:

    Great post, I totally agree that normal is different for us all. What we as individuals perceive as normal is what makes us unique. Look forward to future post, check mine out when you get the chance 🙂

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