Feeling Empty

Feeling Empty…

Have you ever had feelings of emptiness? I know I have had this feeling before, more times than I can count. It surely isn’t a good feeling to have, but it happens. I have been reflecting on this feeling of emptiness a lot recently. Here are some thoughts… if you care to read them!

My life isn’t truly empty. I have been blessed to have the knowledge of, and faith in, a loving and caring Heavenly Father. I have an incredible man that loves me and lets me know it each and every single day. I have been blessed with 6 fantastic kids, even if they do cause feelings similar to being pecked to death by chickens at times! Conscientiously I know all of this, so then why do I sometimes have these feelings of emptiness? I’m glad you asked.

For me these feelings arise more so when I feel as though I have given as much as I can and tried my hardest to help others. When I feel so drained from doing what I can, and giving my all, and am left feeling depleted. I feel that empty feeling when I feel like life just keeps delivering blow after blow right to my proverbial gut. It’s in those times that I just feel like I have been asked, and have given too much-I’m just empty.

SO, what to do when these feelings arise you say?! That I do not know. I take comfort in the fact that I know these times have happened before and I miraculously made it through. I also find comfort and peace in my Savior. It does not mean these feelings subside, or just disappear, it’s more learning how to keep going despite the loneliness I feel on the inside. It sucks having these feelings of emptiness, it really does.

When those times come, and I’m sure they will sooner or later, we can take comfort in the thought that we can make it through this. When we have given all that we can and are left feeling empty, we can keep going no matter how slow or painful it may be to do so. That’s where we find our strength. It’s also where we learn, so maybe when we find someone else that’s feeling empty we can know how best to help them because we have been there before.


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