Analog Life


Oh let’s talk about analog for a moment, and I’m not talking clocks here, I’m talking about old fashioned ways of life. Remember the days of Polaroid pictures, VHS tapes, and hand written letters. Does anyone remember when we had to be home to watch our favorite shows, and couldn’t just record or watch them whenever we want? Now we have Netflix marathons instead of waiting for next weeks episode.

The one thing I miss, like really miss, are hand written letters in the mail. I use to love going to the mailbox and finding a letter or note in there for me. It is not the same logging into my email and finding messages (personally I dread it). I miss the days when someone thought enough of me to sit down and write a letter or send a card to me. It was more personal and thoughtful to receive a letter that way.

Those times are few and far between nowadays, however, sadly. I am tempted sometimes to find a pen-pal and write to them every few weeks. Just to be able to feel that excitement again of receiving a letter in the mail in return. The one person I can count on to still send me notes through the mail is my grandmother. She has such beautiful handwriting, and I love when she sends me a card to let me know she hasn’t forgotten about me. My dear grandma won’t be around for ever, and that will be something I will miss about her.

I know I should be better about writing to others as well, and I’m not the greatest at that. As efficient as email is (and quick of course as well), but it does not beat the nostalgia and thoughtfulness of a hand written letter every once in a while. So what do you say? Are you ready to break out your pen and paper and send someone a letter to let them know you’re thinking of them? I hope so, and I’m sure whoever receives a letter will be thankful as well.


One thought on “Analog Life

  1. Manny says:

    I remember in primary school we all had pen pals – mine was a girl from Germany (I wish I had still kept in contact with her!) I don’t like my handwriting so not a fan of writing letters but I loved receiving them. I remember my first love letter too! Thank you for this lovely post. 🙂

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