A Mighty Transformation


In my life I have gone through a mighty transformation. The home in which I grew up, and the problems my mom had, statistically I should have been an alcoholic. Isn’t that what they say? The child of an alcoholic is more likely to be an alcoholic as well. I had the blessing of not being confined to that fate though.

When I was 16 I became pregnant with my oldest son. As soon as I knew I was pregnant I made the decision that I wouldn’t have my son living in the same type of environment as I had grown up in. I decided I was not going to drink ever again, and to avoid all temptation to do so. I wanted to make sure another child wouldn’t be subjected to that kind of living situation.

This mighty transformation was not mine alone, I know I had help from a loving Father in Heaven as well. I did not grow up in a religious home, but I was introduced to it after I had my son. This was a great blessing to me, and my son. Having a source of love and strength to help me transform my life from where I was growing up was a miracle. I am grateful my kids have had a more stable home to live in, and a chance at a better life. It hasn’t always been easy, but it has always been worth it at the end of the day. It can be difficult to transform your life when it seems like things are hopeless, but I am proof that a mighty transformation is possible.


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