Is life ever an adventure or what?! Yes there is joy in the journey, and yadda, yadda, yadda… but what about when there isn’t? What do we do then? There have been days when I want to quite. I’m ready to turn in my time card and go find a beach some place far, far away. Just the other day I was ready to turn in my mom badge and just be me for a little while. Oh the temptation is really there!

Something always keeps me from doing it though. I am reminded of all the other days that were tremendously difficult, and I made it through them. At times I was tattered, and weary from the adventure, but I made it through. Even though there have been more times than not that I wanted a more mild adventure, I learn something new each time. I have learned perseverance, endurance, long-suffering (I’ve got that one down!), and a vast array of other traits I wouldn’t have otherwise known.

While the adventures in life can be unplanned, spontaneous, and at times rugged, I think we are suppose to learn from them. The times when things go entirely NOT according to plan, it’s learning to go with the flow and how to adapt. When we have setbacks and issues arise, it’s learning how to handle things. Life really is an adventure. Here’s to hoping we can learn from it and truly finding joy in the journey even through the difficulties.



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