What More Can I Do?

I know I am not perfect (shocker I know!), but I am trying. Given how I grew up I have had to fight hard to become the woman I am today. So when well meaning people come up to me and say “I didn’t think you would turn out so well” or “I thought you were going to be just like your mom”… I pretty much loath those types of statements, and this is why.

First off why are people so shocked that I didn’t take the same path my mom took? Living in that situation made me want to get so far away from it and never look back. It was a miserable living situation, and I would not want to a) live that way or b) subject any of my children to live that way. I love them, and myself, way too much to do that.

Second, I feel like I was truly alone in having to get out of that living situation with my mom. I know that some seem so shocked because they weren’t there to help get me out of that home. I definitely don’t take all the credit for it, I know it was because of a loving Heavenly Father that I was able to get out.

I do wish that someone would have been there to get me out of that situation. I prayed many times that I would just be rescued. I was many years later, and I am very grateful for that. While those days and nights were lonely, I know now how to help my kids have a better, more beautiful life. I also hope that I can use those experiences to help others as well. Sometimes we do need to know the bitter to truly know the sweet.


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