More of TOFW

I said I would so now I am, here is more of my experience at TOFW (Time Out For Women). I am still on cloud nine from the whole experience a little. Friday, otherwise known as the first day of the event, I received an email from someone I know telling me the director of TOFW was looking for me — ME!

Side note: I had submitted my story to the women in charge of TOFW to be shared as a local story at their event in Cincinnati. They picked me out of a lot of other women that submitted their story.

Back to the story, the director asked everyone to pray that they could find me because they felt my story was the one that was needed to share at this event. She then made a plea on Facebook asking if anyone knew how to get in contact with me. After my friend contacted me to let me know they were looking for me I emailed her back right away. She asked if I  could speak THE NEXT DAY (we are talking less than 24 hours from the time I said yes)! I said I would do it, with much enthusiasm. The drive down to Cincinnati was filled with excitement, tears of gratitude, nervousness, and happiness. My talk wasn’t completely ready Friday evening, so I stayed up way too late to get prepared.

The next day, Saturday, I was up bright and early to meet the presenters and we had a private breakfast. I waited for my time on stage with a nervous/excited feeling in my stomach. Everyone was so nice throughout the whole process, loving and welcoming. I gave my 10 minute talk , received a mini standing ovation, and it was simply amazing. During the lunch break I was invited to a private lunch with all the TOFW people. I had the chance to sit down with the other presenters and get to know them a little better. I am grateful that I had the chance to meet all these wonderful people.


Meeting David Archuleta!


On the big screen, never thought that would be a thing!

After lunch I went to the main area of the event and I could barely take 5 steps without someone stopping me. They thanked me for having the courage to share my story. They thanked me for giving them hope. One lady even wanted a picture with me! It was spectacular to have the chance to help so many people. To touch so many others lives and to share a small piece of my story with them. I feel honored to know that Heavenly Father trusted me with this wonderful opportunity. I wonder how many of us could possibly help another with our story…


Gentri! A great group of gentlemen.


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