Fears and Memories

I feel that if  we shared our stories that we would have more compassion towards others. We might be able to see ourselves a little more in others. Here is a small piece of my story… I never knew what it was like to live with both of my parents. I of course don’t remember much before the age of about 5, but there are a few things I remember. I loved eating watermelon with my dad on the front porch on hot summer days. I remember running up a hill and falling flat on my face, I knocked out my front tooth. I remember the exact moment I became afraid of spiders. I was at the bar with my mom, a regular occurrence due to her being an alcoholic (but that’s a story for another day). The movie that was on at the bar was Arachnophobia. I don’t know why it was playing, but it stayed ingrained in my memory. Nightmares became the norm for my nights from then on out.I never did get over my fear of spiders.

Isn’t it interesting how some things like that stay with us much longer than we would like? Seems it would be nice to have happy things around us all the time, then maybe only those good things would stick with us. Life doesn’t work like that though most of the time, but it’s not all bad. We can learn from those experiences, and it also allows us the opportunity to grow. I think the only thing that came about from my fear of spiders is the chance my boys have to scare me with said spiders (it’s rotten I tell ya)! I wish things like this wouldn’t have stayed with me for oh all of my life so far, but it has. It doesn’t paralyze me with fear or anything, and if I dug deep I could probably figure out some psychological reason for all of this, but I most likely won’t go that far!

The reason for sharing this story is as reminder that I know things happen in life, and sometimes they stay with us. I think Heavenly Father wants us to have happy thoughts stay with us for the most part, but the not so pleasant things have a purpose as well. They offer us a chance for growth and make us stronger, even if we don’t see things for the bigger picture. Here’s to happy thoughts and sweet dreams! Are there some memories that stand out for you?


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